" Meg is one of my most favorite people in the world and her treatment room is one of my most favorite places in the world.  

Meg is a great listener and is very empathetic.  I've been to very few practitioners who are as dedicated as she is to her craft and her patients.

I really appreciate that she has also, at times, consulted others in finding the best treatments for me, whether it was something she could provide herself or a referral.

I started seeing Meg for digestive issues, but have been treated by her for many things over the years:  chronic pain, injuries, insomnia, anxiety and stress, plantar fasciitis and the aftermath of heat stroke to name a few." 

- J. Hartmann

"Meg has truly made an impact in my life.

She has helped me through some serious back and sciatic problems that chiropractic manipulations were unable to relieve. Her knowledge of the workings of the body are very impressive, and she uses that knowledge to direct healing energies to the source of your problem. Her manner is very casual, calm and reassuring, which is much appreciated when you are in pain.

She develops a bond with patients that is not always evident with other practitioners..i.e, you become a partner with her in the healing process. A bonus is her knowledge of Chinese herbs that supplement and speed the healing process of acupuncture. The atmosphere when you see her is incredibly relaxing-it is like you are taking a vacation from this discomfort, which mentally prepares you for relief from your problem."

- David K

I would give her 6 star if i can. I highly recommend her and you will have best nap ever at her office.

Meg has been my primary doctor since 2011 and she helped me and my fiancé with every sickness we came cross in last 5 years.

Meg is compassionate, smiley, knowledgeable, very warm, great at what she does and care. She cares! I have gone to several acupuncturist in past but Meg treats patient with her kind and warm care. I was comfortable when i talked to her first time and ever since, i see her every other week. 

In past 5 years and she treated many different sickness and symptom and i had a great improvement. I went to see her first time with ovally cysts problem. She treated with herb and needle. I had flu and cold every year. She took me in same day and treated me. I woke up with numbness of my arm, from my shoulder to my wrist. (I was working on computer for long hours prior to that.) She treated me and pain subdued same day. She told me a different way to stretch while I work and since then, my arm has no problem.
I pulled my back out. She fixed it. My pain is gone. Other reasons are stress, seasonal allergies, fatigue. My fiancé went to get treatment with Meg for shingle, sinus infection, hemorrhoid, Lower back ache. He is back in health now.

I have been seeing her last 4 weeks intensively to treat Steroid Withdraw Symptom. My face, neck and arm is puffed up red, scale, ooz, itch, burns. It is awful symptom. She has been treating me with herb and needle. Symptom support to last over 6 month but I think I am almost recover now. My swell has gone down and it is manageable I can finally go back to work after 4 weeks. 
I want to say, Meg is great and love her for keeping me healthy and thank you!"

- A. Sakata