Parkinson's Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


I have a lot of experience working with the PD (Parkinson’s Disease) community. What my patients tell me is that regular acupuncture treatment reduces their symptoms and improves their quality of life. I lead an ongoing Qi Gong class for people who have PD and I find that their range of motion, pain and focus all improve during the class. I encourage my students to chat and get the latest news about what is working for them in terms of Allopathic treatment and exercise.

Additionally, I have been working with a number of people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) where again, my patients find that their quality of life and symptoms improve with treatment. I also encourage diet changes and exercise as integral in maintaining vitality and mobility.

Having come from a long line of migraine suffers, I have become adept at treating them. I enjoy getting my patients out of the entrenched cycles of pain liberating them to a more pain free existence.