Weight Loss Acupuncture

In China Weight Loss Acupuncture is in full use at Hospitals and Special clinics. The Weight Loss Acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese medicine principles of increasing the digestive power of the body to augment a person’s “qi” or energy.

This increased energy especially in the stomach and spleen, helps to strengthen a person’s digestion, increase metabolic function, reduce gas and irregular stools and overall make a person feel better.

Additionally, acupuncture is used in the ear to calm the body, reduce appetite and cravings and deal with the addictive element of overeating. Lastly needles are placed in the belly with electrostimulation to help “melt” the fat away.


Herbal Medicine 

Some patients may also be prescribed herbs especially if their vitality is low. There are also herbs and teas to help with food cravings if that is part of the patient’s issue with overeating and inability to lose weight.


Lastly we go over the patient’s food plan. What a person eats and when can affect their weight loss outcome. For instance, in Chinese Medicine, we encourage people to eat warm, cooked foods to help the spleen and stomach do their job-transform and assimilate the “gu qi” or food energy from the food.

If a patient has been on a frozen smoothie kick, loves their frozen lattés, eats ice cream every night before bed, we are going to advise these patients to cut out those foods. Cold foods can damage the body’s spleen/stomach energy as well as the yang qi which is essential to bring warmth, movement and thus weight loss to the patient. We also recommend eating regular meals, not overeating and we have a clever way to help teach you to stop overeating at meals.


We recommend starting a movement/exercise plan if the patient hasn’t started one already. Studies have shown that implementation of regular exercise helps to keep the lost weight off. Our goal is to get a patient to exercise up to 150 minutes/week.


We recommend receiving acupuncture two times per week for 12-16 weeks. Factors such as how much weight someone wants to lose, diet, exercise/daily movement, eating habits, and stress levels will all affect how quickly someone will lose their desired weight.


We ask for $60.00 per treatment

What can a patient expect

We observe that our patients lose inches around the middle first, before the number on the scale changes. Most patients lose weight-90%, most attain their goals-80% (of those who stay with the plan for 2x/week/12-16 weeks), and 95% of our patients say they feel so much better, their energy is improved, their sleep is better, their thinking is clearer and they feel better about themselves after they finish their treatment plan.